What to Wear in Marrakesh (Morroco)

Before I went to Marrakesh I wasn't sure exactly how to dress. I had heard so many things from so many people and read so many reviews and still nothing really spelled it out for me. So for those of you heading to Morocco here is my guide on what to wear while you there.

Firstly Morroco is very much a muslim country, therefore the assumption that most people make is that 'oh so I have to cover up from head to toe?'. Whilst yes it is a more conservative dress code, conservative does mean you have to be fully covered up, it simple means that your clothing should keep to the modest side of things.


Some blogs I had read before I went tried to discourage the wearing of skirts, not sure why. The key things to remember if its above the knee it's probably best left at home. Stick to midi and maxi skirts, if it has a slit try and avoid slits to far above the knee.


This is pretty flexible, you can pretty much wear whatever you want, just try to avoid low cut tops. I would advise that you cover your shoulders, whilst you can probably get away with off the shoulder you may get a few looks, try at the very least to wear something with at least spaghetti straps.


Trousers is an easy go to, whether denim or cotton you'll be fine. Many Moroccan women wear trousers and jeans these days so you shouldn't feel like you have to wear a dress all the time. My only advice is that you steer away ripped jeans.


To wear or not to wear? Well to be on the safe side it's just easier to avoid wearing shorts, if you really want to wear them then try and stick to ones that are knee length or why not go for culottes?


Most site will say only wear maxi dresses. Whilst yes that is definitely something you can wear while in Morocco, feel free to also wear midi dresses or dresses that are at least knee length that way your still modest without having to be fully covered up. And since you'll be in Morocco why not put on a kaftan, they are super comfy and come in so many different designs.


I've seen so many comments where people have asked whether or not they have to wear a headscarf or not. The simple answer is no. Unless you are entering a religious building there's no real need for you to wear a scarf if you don't want to. Being black, head scarfs are actually part of my culture so whilst I was there i opted to wear it some of the days.

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