24 hours in Hong Kong

Earlier this year I travelled to Vietnam and decided 'why not stop over in Hong Kong?' In total I was in HK for 46 hours, some of which was spent SLEEPING!!! I had an amazing time travelling around Hong Kong so I thought I would share some of my highlights from Hong Kong in a 24 hour intinerary.

If you love a busy city then you'll definitely love HK. When you think South East Asia, one thing that definitely comes to mind is techy/futuristic a.k.a very functional! Well Hong Kong won't let you down. I absolutely fell in love with the city and the FOOD (sorry I love to eat!). So first thing to note about HK is that a lot of the tourist thing are based around 'viewing the city from different angles' – but I'll come back to this later on in the day.

Morning in HK

If you only have time to do one thing in HK then make sure to visit Big Buddha, its simply out of this world. Try and start the day off early as the journey to and from can be quite the long one but it's definitely worth it. Big Buddha is situated on its own island (Lantau Island) so from Hong Kong Station it’s 35mins on the Tung Chung Line (last stop), then a 25min cable car journey (Ngong Ping Cable Car Tung Chung); the cable car is a fun way to get to the peak of the mountain where Big Buddha is located and the views are amazing, see if you can spot the waterfalls! If you have some extra money you can go for the 360 crystal cabin which is the clear bottom. There is a bus option that is cheaper but you miss out on the views from the cable car, and the moment you spot Big Buddha in the horizon, though if you're feeling brave why not take the Wisdom Path.

​Once you get to the top you can visit the Ngong ping village, Po Lin monastery, wisdom path, tian tan buddha, 10,000 buddhas. There are places to eat once you get to the top including a vegetarian lunch at the Po Lin Monastery, (if you're not that fussed you can also find a Subway at the top but don't say your heard it from me). Walking through the village you'll then find statues of the 12 Divine Generals which leads to both the Temple and the steps to Big Buddha (all 268 steps! Feel free to take a break half way up).

Viewing Big Buddha can take some time so all in all allow yourself around 4 hours to get there, look around, climb, take picture and come back into Hong Kong.

Afternoon in HK Part 1

So I mentioned before that HK is all about the views, right? So it's time to take in the views of the city. HK is made up of 261 islands, (that's quite a lot) but the main island is cleverly title 'Hong Kong Island' and there are some great places to get some good views (both day and night):

  • Victoria Peak Tram/ Sky Terrace 428

  • Sky100 Hong Kong

  • Ozone Hong Kong

  • Harbour City

I opted to visit the Harbour so I could get a great view of the city and the harbour all in one, plus it’s nice to be by the water. If you head over to the harbour you can also catch a ferry to and from Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. If you don't have time to catch the ferry, then get the metro instead and make your way over to Kowloon.

Afternoon in HK Part 2

I don't know about you but I was looking forward to shopping in HK, they say everything is made in China so it was only natural to head over the 'Ladies Market'. I loved loved loved shopping here. There so much to see, the place it really busy and full of lots of goodies. (I may have spent more than necessary but let’s not tell my mum). You can get really good quality designer knock offs, gadgets, souvenirs (cheaper than the souvenir shops), clothes, watches, bags etc go crazy! And then when you're done grab some dinner at one of the local small restaurants lined up along the side; the food is pretty cheap, large portions and taste really good.

Night Time in HK

How about some more views? I mean who doesn't like views? So head over to Ozone Hong Kong or Sevva, both are bars that serve a good drink with a great view, however this comes at a price $$ but worth it as the atmosphere alone is great. I happened to have a friend that was also in Hong Kong at the time so we met at Sevva which is situated right next to Central Station, which is great in terms of transport. Also before you head up to the bar you'll find yourself at Statue Square right in front of 'The Former Ligislative Council Building'; at night the building lights up and it’s really pretty. Drinks and great company isn’t a bad way to end your day now is it?

Let me know what you favourite things to do in Hong Kong are.

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