5 Marrakesh Must Does


When you think Morocco there’s no why you can forget the desert, and luckily Marrakech is surrounded by them! So while you’re here make sure you to check a few things of the bucket list including camel riding and quad biking in the desert. I had so much fun doing this while I was out there, I went with two of my friends both of which were really scared to get on the camels, HOWEVER, after convincing them to do it they had so much fun and wanted to do it again. The quad biking is so much fun, most packages give you the option to combine the two together and you can usually book this with your hotel when you’re in Marrakech, all in all this usually makes up half a day and you spend on average 3-4hours. Wear comfortable shoes, maybe avoid sandals as the desert can be dusty.


As the biggest market in Marrakech, it’s no wonder this place is a huge hub for the locals and tourists. The Souks can be very busy and really overwhelming, however if you hoping to grab some suveniors or just do a bit of shopping for yourself i.e. Moroccan oils, kaftans; this is the place to be. I recommend visiting both during the day and at night and it usually has a different vibe in the evening, sometime they have fireworks and dancers, people often gather round like you would around a bonfire and play music and dance. I recommend giving yourself at least half a day so you can really look around and get everything you want. For more tips on how to make the most out of The Souks check out my post here for more details.


Morocco is known for its oils so it should be of no surprised that this would be a great place to treat yourself and relax at the spa. Most hotels tend to offer spa treatments so it’s worth checking that first before booking it externally.

A Hammam is a traditional full body wash and scrub followed by a full body massage. Overall it lasts about 90mins and it will literally give you life. First of they will bath you in a steamy wet room, using a traditional Moroccan soap, after that they will then carry out full body scrub, depending on how comfortable you are for those women out there this can be done topless. Once scrubbed you will then be washed again and this ends the bath portion of the Hammam.

Now for the massage; this is literally a head to toe massage usually starting with the toes. When I went my massage lasted for about 50-60mins and I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep; this was the most full full-body massage I’ve ever had, it consisted of a foot, leg, bum, thigh, back, belly, arm, hand, shoulder, neck, face and head massage. It was everything and more!


If you’re looking for a full day excursion than make sure to visit the Atlas Mountains and discover a different side to Morocco. You’ll get to travel around and see the Berber people's authentic culture and lifestyle along your journey. The easiest way to visit the mountains is on a small group tour, this way you’ll get picked up from your hotel and have a personal tour guide, it can take up to an hour to reach the mountains depending on where you’re staying. You’ll hike up the mountains, this will take about 30mins (wear comfortable shoes i.e. trainers); once you’re up at the waterfall you can dip your feet in or take a swim (the water is very cold). You’ll also get to hang out with the monkeys and get a chance to feed them. On some of the tours you’ll get a chance to see how Argan oil is extracted and made and a meal can also be included as part of the package.


The Medina, the old city of Marrakech, full of history and culture. The area is surrounded by high walls, pinky clay in colour, even with a map you’ll still get lost in the maze of the town. With over 1 million people living here you’ll be surrounded by the locals. Take in the culture and with people riding donkeys and all the little side shops. Make sure to take in the architecture, some streets are more narrow than others but that’s part of the fun and if you’re lucky you might even get to see a lemon garden or even a courtyard. Consider taking a walking tour, if you want to feel safer.

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