Sunshine in March – 8 Hot Destinations in March

Traveling off peak can often save money and surprisingly there are lots of destinations that will provide you with all the vitamin D you could want.


On average, some of the hottest places to visit in March are:

1. Kololi Beach, The Gambia (40°C / 86°F)

This tropical destination can be found in The Gambia (Western African), the country is completely surrounded by Senegal and off the west coast you will find the Atlantic Ocean. For those of you who aren’t afraid of ‘monkeying around’ you can visit the ‘Bijilo Forest Park’, otherwise known as a monkey park as there’s no way you can miss them. When most people think Safari they don’t often realise that in Gambia you can actually do safari day trips from as much as £47 p/d; the country is home to Lion, Rhinos, Giraffes and many more. Learn more about the Gambian history and culture, and take a guided tour were you can visit villages and markets and get a great feel for the country.

2. Cancun, Mexico (30°C / 86°F)

Cancun in March means one thing….’Spring Break!’ If you love all-inclusive holidays then look no further, pretty much all hotels and resorts offer an all-inclusive package and many hotels are exclusively all-inclusive. Around this time you’ll find heaps of spring break deals so party party party! From clubs to boat parties you’re guaranteed a good time, and remember what happens at spring break, stays at spring break. However that’s not all Cancun has to offer, activities include: Snorkelling, ziplining, quad biking, river tours with cave viewing etc. With 22-kilometres of beach and the Chichen Itza what more could you want…..ahhh wait….did somebody say quesadillas? Don’t forget this is the home of Mexican food so tuck in and eat to your hearts content!

3. Phuket, Thailand (33°C / 92°F)

For those of you who want a nice relaxing holiday with beach, beach and more beach then feast your eyes on Phuket, Thailand’s biggest island with over 30 picturesque beaches to choose from. This island is great for couples and it forms a great base, just a boat trip away from the famous islands of Phi Phi. Thailand is traditionally a Buddhist country, on the island you can visit the Big Buddha Phuket and other temples around the island; if you’re lucky you may even get to see a Buddhist service. Make sure to visit Phang Nga Bay and see the stunning limes stone rock formations, activities in Phuket include: Snorkelling, boat tours, canoeing, cave viewing etc. The night life is great here and the lady boys are seriously beautiful.

4. Dubai, UAE (26°C / 83°F)

Dubai screams of luxury, and it’s not hard to see why. Dubai has come a long way in a short time and is now the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Whilst the city is targeted at high end tourist it’s still attainable for those with a medium sized pocket. Dubai has some great views so heading to a roof top bar or pool won’t disappoint. Here you’ll find one of the best waterparks anywhere in the world, or if you’d rather stay dry then take a river boat tour on the marina – feeling hungry then make it a dinner cruise. Dubai lies within the Arabian Desert, so for a day in the sun you can head out to the desert to ride a camel, quad bike or buggy driving. And last but not least let’s go shopping! Did anyone say designer? The home of luxury shopping, the mall alone will have you saying wow.

5. Havana, Cuba (27°C / 81°F)

This Spanish speaking island located in the Caribbean Sea, where the buildings are painted in vibrant colours and the streets filled with classic cars; you’ll feel like you’ve been transformed to another world. Enjoy smoking cigar? Or just want to try something new? Why not try an authentic Cuban cigar, you’ll have lots of choice and they can be found for as little as $1. If alcohol is more your thing, grab yourself some rum or a real mojito or two, or three, or four, who’s counting. Make sure to visit Trinidad Cuba, some parts of the town are part of UNESCO world heritage site. Since you’ll be in the Caribbean you’ll find lots of beaches to chill and relax, you can also go diving and snorkelling in a cenote, or swim in the Vegas Grande Waterfall.

6. Maldives (31 °C)

Maldives is made up of over 1000 islands located in the Indian Ocean. From beautiful white beaches, surrounded by turquoise seas. It will come to no surprise that this country is a great place for all things water related from activities, to the food and even the accommodation. Water sports include surfing, snorkelling, diving, parasailing, water flying, fun tubing. If you’re a fan of seafood then you’ll love the cousin here, the fish is freshly sourced and the coconuts have just been cut. You can find some really cool hotels and villas, from floating on the water to sleeping and dining under the water, wherever you end up don’t forget to catch the sunset at the end of the long day.

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (32 °C / 81°F)

Brazil is a country bursting with music and colour, it has some the largest ethnic Japanese population outside of Japan; and there are more people of African descent in Brazil than in any country outside of Africa, making Brazil second only to Nigeria in terms of its black population. Brazilian carnival boasts to be one of the biggest and best carnivals in the world with over 2 million people coming out to celebrate, you’ll be in great company. At the peak of the city lies the Christ the Redeemer statue created by French sculptor Paul Landowski. There is a whole list of things to do and see: Sugarloaf Mountain, beaches, Lapa (steps), Samba, Brazilian BBQ, Downtown Rio.

8. Cape Verde (26°C / 79°F)

In just a few years Cape Verde has become a hot African destination, from the white sandy beaches to the Afro-Portuguese cuisine there’s lots to love. Located off the coast of West Africa, Cape Verde is made up of 10 small volcanic islands with the capital Praia located on the biggest island. Anyone fancy whale watching? Head over to Boa Vista and see these amazing creatures. Other water sports include windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving etc. Stroll around Santa Maria, horseback rides on the beach, hike up the volcano in the island of Fogo.

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