Tips on How to Stay Safe while Travelling Solo

I wanted to give you some travel tips on how to stay safe while travelling solo. I know for many people this is usually people's biggest concern, how do you stay safe while travelling alone? Here are my best tips for how to keep yourself safe while travelling solo!


  1. Research the country you're going to

  2. Take printed copies of your passport

  3. Pack light, try not to pack to many items

  4. Give a member of your family or a close friend your itinerary

  5. Buy padlocks to lock away your stuff when travelling and to keep them safe during the day

  6. Download the map of the country/city you are visiting

  7. Read reviews of the accommodation and any tours you plan on doing

  8. Check you local Government website for safety alert, if you are a US citizen you should consider enrolling in the STEP program

  9. Consider taking a self defence classes before you travel

  10. Get travel insurance

  11. Get a cheap backup phone

  12. Write down important contacts and save ICE contacts

  13. Don't put all you cash in one place


  1. Don't take you're passport out and about

  2. Be confident

  3. Take a bum bag or anti-theft backpack when you're out and about during the day

  4. Never say you are alone when you're out and about

  5. Trust your gut instincts

  6. Be aware of your surroundings

  7. Don't wear blingy jewellery, clothes or shoes

  8. Only take as much money with you as you will need

  9. Have a backup bank/credit card

  10. Use trusted ATM linked to banks


  1. Avoid going out at night by yourself

  2. know your alcohol limit/tolerance

  3. Do not accept drinks from strangers

  4. Plan how you are going to get to your destination and how you will get back

  5. Don't tell people where you are staying

  6. Take your accommodation business card in case you forget the address

  7. Take only what you need when you go out

  8. Take additional ID so you don't have to use your passport

So these are my tips for things you can do to stay safe when you travel solo. Let me know if you have any extra safety tips that would be useful.

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